Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"say hello to the girl that I am"

i listen to a lot of pop music. i mean, overproduced, synthed, top 40 pop. it fills a niche in my life. summer day, windows and sunroof open, iced latte.......anyway, i used to listen to a lot of britney spears when i was in college. it's perfect study music to keep on repeat, keeps you awake, and doesn't require any analysis at all about "cultural impact". i found some of my old britney on my hard drive. although her first album baby one more time spawned one of the classic pop songs of the early 00s, her 2nd album britney, really took it up a notch. "i'm a slave 4 u"? sex in a bottle (not to mention the video, and the performance with that snake. i learned the dance in my dorm room.) but as i'm approaching some crossroads in my life, i dare you not to find this inspirational.

Overprotected (Darkchild remix)

i need time, love, joy. i need space. i need me.

say hello to the girl that i am
you're gonna have to see through my perspective
i need to make mistakes just to learn who i am
and i don't wanna be so damn protected

there must be another way
cuz i believe in taking chances
but who am i to say
what a girl is to do god i need some answers

what am i to do with my life? (you will find out don't worry)
how am i supposed to know what's right? (you just gotta do it your way)
i can't help the way i feel, but my life has been so overprotected.

i tell em what i like what i want and what i don't
but every time i do i stand corrected
things that i've been told i can't believe what i hear about the world i realize that i'm overprotected

i don't need nobody tellin me just what i wanna, what i what what what i'm gonna do about my destiny. i say no nobody's tellin me just what i wanna, i'm so fed up with people tellin me to to be, someone else but me.

you've fallen far britney. but i'll always remember the good times.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

CAGE positive?

i took my passport to dinner yesterday, because I left my driver's license at work. I wasn't actually concerned about driving illegally, what I was more worried about was that I wouldn't be able to get a drink without proper identification. do i have a problem?

Monday, February 1, 2010

darn you, taylor swift

hear this: "today was a fairytale". let me tell, I just don't know what all the buzz is about this girl......if we're talking pop-country, then carrie underwood is more my style. vocally she's just completely superior to taylor swift. but this song is really, really.........cute. almost makes a girl wanna be in love.....almost.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

another new start

just gonna post whatever is on my mind, tv(of course), music, quotes from friends. hopefully only intermittent work related stuff!

inaugural hear this: david gray "first chance" from his of my favorite singer songwriters. other tracks to check are "this year's love" "sail away" and "say hello, wave goodbye"

inaugural quote this: "the problem is, i'm a pathological bagel whore." -my co-resident on why he attends morning conference

inaugural taste this: the garden martini at black pearl in ann arbor. because it's made with cucumber and mint, it actually sort of tastes like a garden. in a good way.